Building the UK Metaverse

A Pro-innovation vision for virtualised environments

Executive Summary

  • The metaverse, and the revolutionary technologies that underpin it, will enable companies to integrate the physical and digital world in a way that creates far-reaching social and economic opportunities. The UK is well-placed to capitalise on these given its existing technology clusters, thriving creative sectors and broad skills base.
  • However, the UK should take a more proactive approach to the metaverse to ensure it does not miss out on future investment and talent. The EU and other jurisdictions are already considering their own strategies for developing and regulating the metaverse.
  • The UK must ensure its regulatory frameworks continue to support the growth and development of the metaverse. The UK is in the process of regulating to address harms arising from content, competition and privacy in Web 2.0 technologies. While these legal requirements are intended to be future proof, in some instances this is not the case. The UK must adapt its existing regulatory framework to provide certainty to businesses developing metaverse technologies and citizens and businesses operating within the metaverse.
  • The UK’s approach to other technologies has demonstrated it can be a world leader in developing pro-innovation proportionate legal frameworks that support businesses to grow without compromising the safety of its citizens.
  • The UK should work with metaverse developers to create its vision for the metaverse and positively dierentiate itself from other less innovative jurisdictions. As part of this, the government should provide pro-innovation guiding principles for future regulation, review existing regulation, ensure consistency and cooperation between regulators and provide central oversight of regulation.

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