Improbable runs a programme of research

The programme of research is intended as an exploration into the markets leaning into the metaverse, from an independent perspective, including industry-specific examples of existing metaverse experiences, market and monetisation opportunities and where brands are likely to find success in the future.

The first reports were produced by Enders Analysis, a renowned research service with a special focus on new technologies and media. They begin with an introductory ‘welcome’ report to align everyone on a working definition for the metaverse.

You can find the complete selection of reports below:

Welcome to the metaverse

Music in the metaverse

Advertising in the metaverse

Regulating the metaverse – fact sheet

Regulating the metaverse – full report

Sports in the metaverse

Entertainment in the metaverse

Games in the metaverse

The economics of the metaverse

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